The Sun Lounge is the one hour weekly music show on BBC Radio, along with Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever you get your favourite podcasts.  A relaxing and emotive blend of world music from the best artists in the world, artist interviews, and coverage of the world's most exotic destinations. 

Paying homage to Bossa Nova 

On our 40th episode, Adam pays homage to his first love, Bossa Nova.  Many of the main characters of the genre are featured, including those Adam's recorded with in Rio.  

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Adam's interview on Leblon Beach, Rio 

Adam's broadcasting from Rio de Janeiro, and in Episode 54 Adam headed down to Leblon Beach to interview Bahian singer songwriter and Natalia Boere and Matheus Brevo about Brazil's music industry, and the beauty and soul of Rio itself. 

How do you become a digital nomad?  

If you're bringing in the bacon just using your Mac, then shoot off and live comfortably in another clime as a digital nomad.  

In episode 69, Adam shows you the way with the help of 

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