the voice of summer

Adam Dunning is Australia's own voice of summer. Having composed, recorded, and played his original Bossa Nova, surf jazz and solar music to all corners of the world, from Rio de Janeiro, Melbourne, Paris, LA, Istanbul, and Amsterdam, he will shortly release his third album The Return .  His original tunes touch the cycle of nature and humanity's place in it, and following from this  was his "Songs from the sun and moon" tour.

Returning to Brazil in 2018, Adam recorded his third album "The Return" which will release across the world in early 2020.  As a continuation of the circle of nature theme he is renown for, the album again is an original delivery of Bossa Nova and passion, with the introduction of his created rhythm, Surf Jazz along  with the contribution of legendary Bossa composer Joao Donato, and Adam's original collaborator, songwriter Ronaldo Cotrim . The album was recorded in Botafogo, Rio, with the production talents of friend and  producer Alex Moreira (Bossacucanova), arrangements by maestro Flavio Mendes, the support of legends  Carlos Lyra, Cris Delanno, Paula Morelembaum and a special featured performance by legendary Brazilian trumpeter and flugelist, the late Paulinho Trompete.  The album is also to include his 2013 single, "Holiday" (#3 on Australia's Great Southern Charts), a collaboration with Australian-based folk songstress Tash Parker which results in an organic  melody of innocence and nature.
Writing songs and recording them is not the only thing keeping Adam busy.  He has been broadcasting his show The Sun Lounge  worldwide, now on BBC Radio, Spotify and Apple Music, running his new TV and film production company Sunset Club Productions, and developing the world music publishing company New Bohemian. 

Following the release of "Gallipoli" in 2015 to mark the 100th anniversary commemoration of the Australian / New Zealand and Turkish battle, Adam will shortly release his new single "Ordinary" where  Adam again partners with Turkish singer ChanCé to portray a raw, natural, instinctive freedom.  The song was recorded in Istanbul, Turkey.

Adam and ChanCé performed Gallipoli live across Turkey on TV8's "Var" programme and Kanalturk's TV's Noon News, and it was splashed across the pages of the entertainment press across Turkey (Vatan and extensive coverage in Haberturk newspapers).  There were performances at ANZAC Centenary services, and interviews across Australia.  ChanCe also released the Turkish version of her song "Gelibolu". 

With tours in the planning for  Japan, Europe, and the US into 2020. along with a new album in the works, there will be more of Adam's summer sounds close to you, wherever you are.   
Adam performed in Japan, Brazil, Turkey, and across Australia at various festivals including the 2016 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, the Sustainable Living Festival (2012 and 2013),  "An Eve With Adam", "Songs from the Sun and the Moon", "Good Morning", "Smooth Operator", "Cosy Night In". and "'S Wonderful", along with  leading Bossa and jazz exponents across Australia, Turkey, France, Japan, and Brazil including Joao Donato, Cris Delanno, Marcos Valle, Marco Brito (Brazil), and Max and Joao Viana (Brazil)
Adam's album "Glass Bottom Boat" and the earlier “Sunset Monkeys” were both recorded in Rio with some of the songs inviting guest performers - Bossa’s great pioneers, including Roberto Menescal, Joao Donato, as well as other prominent exponents, Barbara Mendes, Cris Delanno / Alex Moreira (Bossacucanova), Ronaldo Cotrim, drummer Rafael Barata (Eliane Elias), and bassist Gastao Villeroy (Milton Nascimento) to name a few.  Glass Bottom Boat appeals to humanity's conscience, imagining a world where humanity co-exists in harmony with nature where the moon, oceans, romance, and eroticism are all naturally interlinked characters.  The album includes Dunning’s first English version of the world famous “Amazonas” (Donato/Enio), and his “Happy New Year” single - written as a get well card to Japan after the 2011 earthquake which Dunning experienced himself during his 2011 Japan tour. The "Glass Bottom Boat" album is deemed one of Dunning’s best works at a point where his writings are becoming fully recognized on the world stage.  

Adam's radio and TV interviews extend right across the world, featuring on BBC Radio's World of Music (UK), Martini In The Morning Radio (LA), JOY FM and JOY Jazz (Istanbul), SBS Radio (Australia), Karnaval Television (Istanbul), RTVE Siglo 21 Radio 3 (Spain), KCRW (LA), Bossa Nova Breakfast (US), ABC Radio National - "Inside Sleeve" (Australia-wide), ABC Perth Drive-time, KX FM (Netherlands), FM Cocolo (Japan), Smooth Jazz Global Radio (US), Var television (Turkey nationwide), FM 808 (Japan), Radio Adelaide (Aust), Byron Bay FM (Aust), KLCBS The Jazz Wave (Indonesia), 5MBS (Australia), PBS FM "Switched On" (Aust), Jazz Radio Network (Seattle), RRR FM "The Village" / "Banana Lounge Broadcasting" / "Radio Marinara" (Aust), Shonan Beach FM (Japan), JOY FM (Aust), North Shore FM (Aust), Eastside Radio (Aust), Coast FM (Aust), and other stations worldwide. Featured article in Japan's widely circulated "Music Magazine", alongside Ben Folds Five and Pet Shop Boys.  Other press stories in Jornal do Orla (Brazil), Vatan (Turkey), Music Magazine (Japan), Hurriyet, Haberturk (Turkey), Anadolu Agency (Turkey), The Age, and Herald Sun (Australia).

* Featured in-store as No. 1 Disc in Tower Records Jazz / World genre across Japan, promoted alongside Norah Jones, and Caetano Veloso.
The Story so far:
As a jazz vocalist in his formative years, Adam moved from life as a media lawyer in London in 2006 to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to write a new sound of Bossa-related rhythms.  Over the next 5 years, he began working closely with some of the great 1960s Bossa Nova composers and artists in Rio.  Living in a small part of Rio, Leblon bordering Ipanema Beach, Adam developed his Bossa guitar, playing around Rio and soaking up the soul which would later form part of his lyrics and rich melodic arrangements, earning the name "Australioca" – the blood of an Australian / the soul of the Carioca.
In 2009 he recorded many of his own compositions in his album Sunset Monkeys in Jardim Botanico, a small borough of Rio on the edge of Rio’s great Tijuca Rainforest.  Teaming up with Rio's highly talented Ronaldo Cotrim, he collaborated his songwriting with the 60’s renowned Bossa Nova pioneers, Roberto Menescal, Joao Donato, Lysias Enio, and Carlos Lyra, and wrote the first-ever English versions of some of Brazil’s Bossa classics. He recorded the first-ever English version of Lyra’s "Voce e Eu", as well as writing the first ever English versions to Menescal’s "Nos e o Mar" ("We and the Sea"), and Donato / Enio’s "Flor do Mato" ("Jungle Flower"), their classic "Amazonas" ("The Amazonas"), and more.  He also wrote the first ever French version of the Gershwin classic 'S Wonderful" with co-writer Manuel Guignard in Paris, the version subsequently endorsed by Warner Bros LA.   In the "Monkeys sessions", these original Bossa legends joined Adam as special guests on the new English versions of their own songs. 
This Sunset Monkeys album has been especially successful in Japan, Turkey, Australia and Western Europe.  The title track "Sunset Monkeys" includes the voice of world renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, the dramatic "Green" shakes the world’s conscience, and songs "Leblon" and "Mount Eliza" pay homage to his respective Brazilian and Australian homes. Glass Bottom Boat, which followed Monkeys in 2012 was an oceanic journey and a reminder of a world that exists beneath the waves.  Again, the album was sold worldwide and began establishing Adam as a serious international singer and writer on the world stage.

And he just keeps writing.
Adam Dunning.  The Voice of Summer.