2020's New Album

After the global success of his first two albums, Australia's own voice of summer, Adam Dunning is releasing his third album, The Return featuring a gallery of world A-list instrumentalists like bassist Guto Verde, Alfredo Cardim (Astrid Gilberto), and string arranger Flavio Mendes. 

As he did with the previous albums, Sunset Monkeys and Glass Bottom Boat, Adam recorded the album mainly in Rio de Janeiro with legendary Bossa Nova producer Alex Moreira (and co-founder of the band Bossacucanova). Inspiration from all over the world, from the exotica of Istanbul, to the simplicity of Australia's beach life, can be heard throughout the 12 track collection of Adam's original songs.  

The Return is about time and returning to a world of primal values, culture, and appreciation of the planet. Featuring a collection of orchestral arrangements from Flavia Mendes alongside Adam's trademark seductive male vocals, the album showcases some of Dunning’s best beachside compositions.

The Return also sees Adam teaming up once again with the striking vocals of Australian folk artist Tash Parker (on "Holiday" and "Shades"), Turkey’s ChanCé (for the Istanbul-recorded "Ordinary"), and with long-time collaborator from Rio, Ronaldo Cotrim who co-wrote two of their greatest compositions - "Beautiful Goodbye" and "The Path".

The album has been launched in Japan through P-Vine Records, and will roll out across the world on 20th September, available to purchase and for streaming on all digital platforms.

“The album is a mix of three continents, all bedded with that rustic, bossa vibe that carries the tracks. I like to feel the songs bring together a message of just how connected we are to the planet, and our everlasting need to acknowledge it .” 

Keep up with Adam Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also find him on his popular show The Sun Lounge, showcasing the best of the genre, and streamed on digital radio. 


holiday - tash and adam's single off the new album, the return

"Disarming sweetness, luxurious chord changes ... an elegantly dancing accordion solo, too, just to crown this exquisitely dizzy sort-of-waltz. 4 stars" - Rocksucker, UK.

The song that gives you that summertime post-beach, lie-down mood, Adam collaborates with the wonderfully talented earthy artist Tash parker.  A collaboration which got the fans asking for more. 
Available now through iTunes

New SINGLE FROM AUSTRALIA, oFF the new album

From 2020's new album The Return, comes two singles from different parts of the globe. "The World I Want for You" is a departure from the usual sunny sounds, written by great Australian composer Karen Nicholls. The song brings to life an amazing classical piece of music, written by Karen in 2017.  Produced by Jack Setton in Melbourne, with percussion and accompaniments from Adam's long time collaborator Ronaldo Cotrim in Rio, the song is haunting, introspective, and reminiscent. The song will move you, and Adam's words "will allow us consider the real value of unconditional giving to another". 

“Jazz and Bossa's finest pop craftsman"
"The unrivalled voice of summer. His songs vibrate with an earthy delight in love and life” (BBC RADIO, UK) 
“Summery, sexy, romantic” (ABC RADIO, AUSTRALIA)
"Bossa with the voice of jazz...The soul of our culture" (JORNAL DA ORLA, BRAZIL)
"A mid-summer sea breeze" (MUSIC MAGAZINE, JAPAN)
"Songs that ripple and flow like sunshine on the ocean - balmy and smooth, but often expressing his deep social conscience
and his loving exploration of his environment." (KAREN NICHOLLS, AUSTRALIAN COMPOSER)

the voice of summer