Why travelling in your own country can be a great idea


Well, international travel could be a bit of a while away. But stop and think - what is so bad about exploring, discovering, and enjoying the very country I stand upon? 

In Episode 141, Adam will give you reasons why…

Where in the world do you want to live?

This week on The Sun Lounge, Adam looks at a global survey that asks people where in the world they would drop everything to move to, and why. You'll be surprised with the findings, and how men and women think…

It's time for a full show of sunny covers!

After so many requests, this week it's a full episode of all the best pop and rock songs covered in Bossa Nova, jazz, and folk, from the likes of of Coldplay, Rihanna, Lou Reed, Duran Duran, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5…

Tropical Destinations

Whether it's Venice, Capri, Malibu, or Madeira, each week The Sun Lounge takes you to the most exotic destinations. In each episode, we help you explore your world with music and artists from all around the world, and even have…

The New Sun Lounge Playlist!

You can connect to Spotify for the full playlist, to hear your favourite songs from The Sun Lounge episodes, and unpublished tracks too. Hours and hours of Sun Lounge tracks, just not with Adam's golden tonsils to keep you going…

Opera singers even dig The Sun Lounge

Noah Stewart Interviewed on The Sun Lounge 

On Episode 94, Adam chats to New York based opera singer Noah Stewart. Check out his schedule and album Noah. 

Head to http://noahstewart.com or @noahsofficial on Twitter to discover this golden voice. 

Florida loves The Sun Lounge

Roger and Kim Gardner at Clearwater Beach in Florida, doing their own promotion on the beach. These guys listen to the show every week and even get out on the beach and tell everyone about it!  Who needs a PR…

Paying homage to Bossa Nova

On our 40th episode, Adam pays homage to his first love, Bossa Nova.  Many of the main characters of the genre are featured, including those Adam's recorded with in Rio.  

Listen to the episode on TuneIn

Adam's interview on Leblon Beach, Rio

Adam's broadcasting from Rio de Janeiro, and in Episode 54 Adam headed down to Leblon Beach to interview Bahian singer songwriter and Natalia Boere and Matheus Brevo about Brazil's music industry, and the beauty and soul of Rio itself. 

How do you become a digital nomad? 

If you're bringing in the bacon just using your Mac, then shoot off and live comfortably in another clime as a digital nomad.  

In episode 69, Adam shows you the way with the help of christhefreelancer.com 

Listen to episode 69…