From the recording Glass Bottom Boat

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(Cris Delanno, Adam Dunning, Alexandre Moreira)
© Sunset Club Music / Cris Delanno / Alex Moreira
CRIS DELANNO guest vocals
DAVID FELDMAN guest piano

Riding waves in the sky
Sunshine curls passing by
It’s her magical moves that I’ll see

It’s her songs that I sing
Happy sadness they bring
And her sway to the night that I dream

Waiting there
My love affair
The samba from the sea

Sunny love on the sand
But it’s only her hand
Taking me to the song in the waves

From the spell of the stars
Quiet nights with guitars
Butterflies dance the break of the day

Waiting there
My love affair
The samba from the sea

With the sun on the leaves
It’s the sound that I see
In a world where the mood is so free

Then the sun begins to shine
And the words begin to rhyme

CRIS DELANNO special guest vocals
DAVID FELDMAN special guest piano
GUTO WIRTTI double bass
Produced, recorded and mixed by ALEX MOREIRA at Zaga Studios, Rio de Janeiro Brazil