NEW ALBUM "the return" to Release in October

Jazz & Bossa Nova's pop craftsman Adam Dunning, whose debut album "Sunset Monkeys" was a huge hit in Japan, completes his 3rd masterpiece, 'The Return'. Influences from Chet Baker to Michael Franks, and Caetano Veloso for a sophisticated world of sound.” - El Sur Records, Japan

After the global success of his first two albums, Australia's very own voice of summer is releasing The Return.

Recorded mainly in Rio, this time with legendary Bossa Nova producer Alex Moreira (co-founder of the band Bossacucanova), from the exotica of Istanbul to Australia's beach life, The Return is about time and a return to primal values, and connection to Earth.

Featuring orchestral arrangements from Flavio Mendes alongside Adam's trademark seductive male vocals, and a gallery of world A-list instrumentalists like bassist Guto Wirtti and Alfredo Cardim (Astrid Gilberto), the album showcases some of Dunning’s best compositions.

There are the striking vocals of Australian folk artist Tash Parker on "Holiday" and "Shades", Turkey’s ChanCé for the Istanbul-recorded "Ordinary", and Adam's long-time collaborator, Ronaldo Cotrim for the co-writes "Beautiful Goodbye" and "The Path".

The album launched in Japan through P-Vine Records, and releases worldwide on October 16 October for streaming, download, and mail order.

holiday - tash and adam's 2013 single in the new album, the return

"Disarming sweetness, luxurious chord changes ... an elegantly dancing accordion solo, too, just to crown this exquisitely dizzy sort-of-waltz. 4 stars" - Rocksucker, UK.

The song that gives you that summertime post-beach, lie-down mood, Adam collaborates with the wonderfully talented earthy artist Tash parker.  A collaboration which got the fans asking for more. 
Available now through iTunes