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After a bit of time off writing to deal with more pressing issues in Adam's family, Adam is back in action. The creativity is pouring out. The inspiration is sweet, and the ideas are coming from everywhere for his new albums 3 and 4.  But it is more than this.  

In Adam's plight to bring all artists' creative spirit to the fore, he has started his campaign "Back To Bohemia" - a time to get back to real music, to raise awareness that artists can be who they want to be, and to express themselves in a way they feel is truly an extension of themselves.  In a world of high tech, digitalised music, where true A-grade melodies are now somewhat in the shadows, now is the time for artists to feel that they can be themselves, and that the music world is moving..... back to bohemia. 

New songs recorded In July '17, with Australian composer

Throughout 2017, Adam has been working with great Australian composer Karen Nicholls to bring to life an amazing classical piece of music, written by Karen in 2017. The song will appear on Adam's new album to be recorded shortly. Produced by Jack Setton in Melbourne, the song "The World I Want For You" is haunting, introspective, and reminiscent. While a departure from Adam's usual vibe, the song is bound to move you and in his words "to make each one of us think about the real value of unconditional giving to another". 

Sunset Club Productions have launched Adam's new weekly radio show worldwide, with production help from Mark Sandler at BBC Wales,

Welcome to The Sun Lounge.  For the best of music from the brighter side of life. Bossa Nova, Surf Jazz, Nu Jazz, and folk from Adam's choice of amazing artists all around the world.  Adam will take you to exotic destinations, tell you where to find more of this amazing sun-drenched music, as well as all upcoming festivals in far away places. 

Subscribe for free and be updated with new episodes automatically through Apple iTunes right here.  The show will be available weekly as a downloadable podcast on iTunes,  Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn as well as syndicated for local audiences on radio stations all around the world.  So, you can listen to it anywhere, or even while you're getting there.  

The Sun Lounge. Taking you to somewhere else.  

Adam Dunning's Summertime Quintet at the Inverloch Jazz Festival 2017

new compilation "Tokyo Moon" hits shelves across Japan, with Adam's "Leblon"

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